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Karen Jung

Karen Jung - Poet
Karen Jung – Poet/Writer

I am a poet/spoken word artist/writer and co-founder of “We’re Gonna Make It”.  I believe that art has the power to educate, heal, inspire, and connect people.  I enjoy using the art of words to explore and express the intricacies of the human experience.

As an Asian-American female, I am often initially perceived by society as “passive”, “quiet”, “unassuming”, and “foreign”.  These social stereotypes ultimately fuel the fire that is expressed in my spoken word pieces, which address various social, cultural, and political topics.  One of the first steps to creating change is bringing awareness to ourselves and others, and I hope that my art helps open people’s minds to different perspectives. 

My advice to the younger generation of artists is to be authentic, find the things that you’re passionate about, and own your story; nobody else has lived your life the way you have experienced it, and there is beauty and value in that.  Being vulnerable is a strength, not a weakness, and oftentimes the most inspiring art is created when you tear down your internal walls and go deep within yourself to uncover those nuggets of truth.

Check out Karen Jung express herself as she performs her poem, “The Female Minority.”

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