The Female Minority

– By Karen Jung

I am hated, tortured, and abused

Because I have something a man wants but doesn’t have

I am ignored, silenced, and shunned

Because I have traits that society abominates

I am teased, hassled, and heckled

Because I stray from the so-called norm

I am used, manipulated, and deceived

Because I have power that has no effect –

Now what’s up with that, right?

You see –

Society treats me with cruelty

Cuz the contents of my brain

And the emotions in my heart

And the words from my mouth

Don’t mean A THING

When I’m walkin with “these” on my chest

And a “you-know-what” between my thighs

And if that’s not enough –

I mean nothing to the world

When I’m clothed in this Yellow Skin

And flash these eyes of mine

Cuz I am at the bottom of the Barrel

The untouchable of the Untouchables

The scum of the Soiled Earth

The waste of the Wasteland

And the manure of Society’s Trash

Cuz I am the Female Minority

The minority of Minorities

And not even a full slice of the Pie

Cuz Society sees me as something Sub-Human

And treats me like an unwanted Plague

That has no hope for a cure

But you know what?

That ain’t gonna keep me in my Place

Cuz I’m gonna keep walkin with my chest out

Back straight, head held high

Swingin my hips and flashin my smile

While I glare outta these eyes of mine

Cuz I’m gonna radiate like the sun with my Yellow Skin

Blinding those who like to Hate

And spend their lives tryin to Discriminate

Cuz I am a Fighter that never quits

Knockin down the walls of Ignorance

And pounding on the doors of Racists

While smashing the windows of Sexists

Cuz nothin can stop me on this Rampage

When I’m blessed with a heart that beats so strong

And a mind that thinks the most brilliant thoughts

In a body that isn’t just an image of the Female Minority

But of a Human who has the right to be treated Equally

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